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LGV Employees Honored!

Employees Honored at Annual Event

Locust Grove Village recently held the Annual Recognition Banquet for Employees. Under the leadership of Margaret Plante, HR Manager at Locust Grove Village the staff were honored for years of service milestones and excellent attendance for the 2018 year.  The banquet was prepared by the LGV Dietary staff and served in conjunction with the resident dinner so residents could be a part of the recognition.

Special presenters for the evening included family members Mary VanSchuyver and Deb Meyers who spoke of the benefits of the Behavioral Based Ergonomic Therapy (BBET) program for their mother.   They expressed appreciation to LGV for the great work they do in caring for their loved one. Staff Nurse Kayla Winder explained more about the program, including what her “memory box” will someday have in it and the reasons she is an advocate of the BBET therapies.

All in attendance were welcomed by Charlotte Rathke, Administrator and Kevin Moeder, Chairman of the Board of Directors. 

Awards were presented to the following personnel:


Icle Faye Weilert                             Certified Caregiver, Dietary Assistant, CMA


Billie Bond                                        Assisted Living Homemaker

Jared Plante                                     Maintenance Assistant

Sherry Gill                                         Laundry & Housekeeping Team Leader

Sandy Herrman                              Social Services Designee, Certified Caregiver

Brittany Alvis                                   Certified Caregiver

Amy Suppes                                     Director of Nursing


Tammy Proffitt                                Sis Starkey                                        Mary Jones

Tina Pechanec                                 Michele Kennedy                           Ice Faye Weilert

Anna Cheely                                    Megan Erb                                       Sherry Gill

Billie Bond

Thank You for your service!